Computer Analysis and Tracking of Employee Recognition

Hassel-free Fulfillment and Administration


The goal of CATER® is simple: to manage and administer your employee recognition and service awards program. The Lester Lampert Corporate Division offers this proprietary system and will create personalized programs that support your company’s identity and recognition goals. CATER® includes everything from labeling gifts to running your company’s gift selection website. You can count on CATER® for white-gloved service and on-time delivery.

CATER® is branded for your company and handles every aspect of administration:

  • order forms
  • brochures
  • award notice emails
  • award selections
  • reminder notices for non-responders
  • work orders
  • manufacturing reports and invoices
  • item labeling
  • usage reports
  • inquiries and follow-up

Customized Website
When a recipient enters the website, he or she is welcomed by name and presented with a special congratulatory message of your choice. Your company’s logo is also branded on the page. The recipient can then peruse the lavishly photographed items and select a gift. CATER® verifies the shipping address and gift selection options and then provides the delivery schedule. The confirmation page is also branded for you and includes a special closing message.

Historical Information
CATER® collects detailed historical data for each and every awardee. By capturing the data, the system tracks when an award has been ordered, eliminating the potential for duplicate shipments, missed orders, or inaccurate eligibility levels. Additionally, CATER® identifies non-responsive awardees and sends reminder notices.

Customer Service Tools and Gift Tracking
The order and tracking data is a powerful customer service tool. When an administrator or awardee calls to check on the status of a gift, the detail is accessible in seconds. This includes the complete recipient data profile, shipping address, the selected award, work order number, due date, if the order shipped or not, and specific tracking information.

Reporting Tools
Administrative access is also available to view order details including the gift image, description, order date, shipping address, and more. This data can be sorted and searched by multiple criteria. Administrative access also includes the ability to download reports in HTML or Excel formats. And whether you use the administrator access or not, please contact LLCD about any orders or reporting, and we’ll take care of it for you.

With CATER®, your time is freed to focus on your business; we’ll handle the rest.

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