About Lester Lampert Corporate Division

About Lester Lampert Corporate Division

The Lester Lampert Corporate Division (LLCD) was founded to create custom gifts for the corporate world—gifts with an unprecedented level of fine craftsmanship and design. The objective was clear: create a division of the Lester Lampert Fine Jewelry Salon for the world of corporate gift giving. You can enjoy the same white-gloved service and custom artisan pieces for your company just like you would for personal jewelry. This includes original designs and impeccable Executive and Commemorative gifts.

Today that early vision remains strong and is heavily augmented by a staggering array of desirable product types, easy-to-use branded ordering websites, rich reporting tools for your analytics, and time-saving total fulfillment. Simply send us the data and pay the bills. We do everything in between.

Why Choose LLCD?
You’ll benefit from our corporate structure—all of our jewelry artisans work at the Lester Lampert in-house design studio and manufacturing facility in Chicago. This structure lends to extremely competitive pricing in the marketplace and preserves the Lester Lampert tradition of quality, service, and design. What sets LLCD apart from the others is fine craftsmanship, artistic talent, and attention to detail as well as the enthusiastic passion and love for the business. Our people truly care, and that shows in the results.

Your Company is Unique—Your Gifts Should be too!
Anything you can imagine can be created. Our dedicated craftspeople specialize in sculptural design to create unique pieces infused with your company’s culture and branding. Whether you need custom jewelry, heirloom quality giftware, or a turnkey Choice Program, LLCD turns the conceptual into reality with a rare level of design and detail. You can rely on LLCD for your Service Anniversary Programs, Sales Awards, Retirement Gifts, Special Events, Promotional Products, and much more.

Lester Lampert Corporate Division

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